Hindy Weber

From Seed to Style

Hindy Weber is a Filipino fashion designer, biodynamic farmer, and holistic lifestyle advocate who is championing a more radically conscious approach to the the way we eat, shop, consume, and create.

Enamoured by fashion since childhood, Hindy has always been intrigued by how we use garments and accessories to express our emotions and spirit.

“I love beauty in all its forms, and I want to be able to make others feel beautiful.”

After pursuing Communication Arts at the Ateneo de Manila University and a fashion degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Hindy worked as a private label designer for seven brands over the course of 11 years, and designed custom bridalwear and eveningwear for eight years.

In 2011, after being disheartened by the automations of the fashion industry, she took a sabbatical and moved away from the city to reconnect with nature and raise her growing family. Here, she threw herself into world of biodynamic farming, Waldorf education, and an overall holistic approach to living.

This passion took root during her days in New York as a young mom, wondering what the next best thing was to feed her child post-breastfeeding. The answer? Growing their own food to ensure they could trust what they put in their bodies. With more than enough from their garden, they soon began sharing nature’s bounty with friends and family, and even started accommodating orders, until it grew into a full-fledged enterprise known as Holy Carabao Holistic Farms. Holy Carabao is now a leading distributor of healthy produce in Manila that also conducts farm tours and workshops on holistic nutrition and agriculture—and at the heart of it all, lies a commitment to provide her children with the best food possible.

“We want people to understand where real food comes from, and how that it is first and foremost, from SOIL. We wish everyone realizes that all our decisions have an effect on the planet. We would love to help improve the food served in hospitals, airplanes, and schools. We want to bring the glory back to our palengke [wet market]. We hope our farmers and fisherfolk can be as highly paid as our doctors.”

This earth-friendly, sustainable ethos now permeates everything she does. And after an eight-year hiatus from fashion, Hindy is back with her ecological and ethical fashion label. Designed on her own terms and free from seasonality, trends, and wasteful processes, the revolutionary new Hindy Weber line is her antidote to fast fashion. Luxurious, but without pomp; uncomplicated, but extraordinary, Hindy redefines ready-to-wear by presenting effortless, ethical fashion that makes you “feel free to be all kinds of you.”

“The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. And we refuse to contribute to that just because we want a pretty dress.”

“We do our best within what is currently possible, always looking for new solutions in order to ensure that our love for high-quality fashion remains a creative—not destructive—endeavor.”

Hindy hopes to share and celebrate her passions—from fashion, food, and farming, to planning country festivals, barefoot family adventures, and the occasional irreverent escapade. Let’s go and grow!