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Hindy Weber is a sustainable and ethical fashion brand that offers luxurious clothing made from organic and natural fabrics. The brand prioritizes ethical practices, small-batch production, natural trims and non-toxic dyes. Designed by established Philippine designer and holistic lifestyle leader, Hindy Weber, the brand aims to provide clothing essentials that make you feel good, look good and do good. Every piece is custom-patterned and custom-dyed, giving you that special handmade and soulful experience with what you wear. You will want to treasure every piece even as it ages - whether it be a swimsuit, a simple tee, or a lovely linen dress.

The brand was launched in 2019, after an 8-year long hiatus by Hindy who had already been designing for 15 years prior. She spent her fashion hiatus building a farmhouse, growing food for her family, and starting a farm park. She only decided to return to fashion when it became possible to use natural, organic materials and toxin-free dyes, without sacrficing comfort and style.

Hindy Weber is a holistic lifestyle leader, designer, farmer, and homemaker. She shuttles between her Bali and Manila homes, where she raises her four children, grows food in her garden, and teaches kids about farming. Her perspective and commitment to regenerative living influence every aspect of the brand, resulting in fashion that embodies both style and a true devotion to nature.

The brand uses organic and natural fabrics to create their garments. We prioritize the use of linen/flax, hemp, bamboo, cotton, silk. A few of our garments have a small percentage of Lycra for stretch, and we need to use mixed cotton/poly threads for these garments. We may also source responsible viscose rayon such as Lyocell, or Modal. We only use biodegradable trimmings and packaging.

Please follow the care labels in each of your garments. Generally, we instruct our customers to use mild or natural soap, handwash or use a mesh bag in the washing machine on gentle cycle, lay flat to dry away from the sun. We suggest the use of steam irons, not flat irons.

Hindy Weber's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices extends to the dyes used in their clothing. 90% of all clothing uses synthetic dyes. They are made from petrochemicals that are not good for you, animals or the environment. They also use up a lot of water.

We never use pre-dyed fabric. Only fabric in its raw state and color, then we dye from there, using either plant/root dyes or low-impact dyes that are azo-free, bleach-free. Coloring fabrics is not a black-and-white-issue. Rest assured, we do our best within our means to source the best we can find and produce in a way that does the least or no harm.

Hindy Weber's clothing is meticulously crafted in both Bali and Manila, produced in limited quantities with the finest fabrics, ensuring high-quality production standards and ethical practices are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

Hindy Weber produces clothing in small batches, allowing for closer management and better adherence to ethical production standards. The brand values fair and living labor practices, ensuring that workers are in healthy work environs, treated fairly and paid appropriately.

You can shop the brand's collection online through their official website or Instagram page. Direct messaging is also a convenient way to inquire about specific items and make purchases. We would love to hear from you!

Yes, Hindy Weber offers worldwide delivery for customers in areas with courier services. This ensures that fashion enthusiasts around the globe can enjoy all our goodies

We want you to love your Hindy Weber purchases. If you're not completely satisfied with your order, we offer a hassle-free return and exchange policy within 2 working days of receipt of the product. We are also open to hearing your feedback and comments on how our garments perform for you. Please remember we use natural fabrics and dyeing processes so they will change with time and use. That means expect fraying, a few nubs, movement and color variations. Our loyal customers think it's part of the charm, and we couldn't agree more. We love that our clothes develop a 'patina' after some use. They make it more authentic and full of character.

Hindy Weber's Rewards & Referral Program is designed to reward our loyal customers who refer friends and family. When your referred customers make a purchase, you both receive exclusive rewards and benefits in the form of points, just like airline mileage, only better! ; )


Absolutely not. While some essences may be strong, we follow a sensible formulation that observes safety every step of the way.

No need. Just keep the cover on, and keep dry but away from direct heat or sunlight.

Each product will have its expiry date. Please check the packaging. Shelf life may even go beyond the stated expiry date. The best gauge is when the color or scent changes. When a product is expired, it does not become toxic. It just becomes less potent. They will keep for 2-3 years at least when kept properly as they are made with superb quality oils - rich in natural antioxidants that naturally prolong shelf life and keep it potent for a long time.

Our product line is created to be safe even for pregnant women in general. However, exceptional sensitivities develop for some during pregnancy, so it is necessary to always (pregnant or not) skin test before proceeding.

As with anything that comes from nature - closest to its rawest form, nothing is entirely the same. Some things are different with some people, but we are all humans. Some roses smell stronger than others. Where they are found and grown influences these subtle differences. Two plants in the same area can also have unique qualities.

Our formulations stay exactly the same way. We choose the BEST available ingredients, never scrimping, never compromising, never diluting for the purpose of cost-cutting. When you get a slight difference in appearance, color, thickness, texture, aroma only invites you to celebrate the true nature of its source. All our products have no toxic additives to standardize, but chosen with full good intentions to be able to function its best for your skin. This is Powerful Beauty.

Oh! As potent as raw is, but not aggressively so, as with isolated chemical constituents. It makes friends with your body, and blends into your skin in harmony with your own being.

Nope! Just, on people ; )

For some they feel a difference upon first use. But that is really case to case. Your body will be instantly grateful for such clean, rich and potent products, that you will realize your skin will crave it. From our customer’s feedback and testing, best results are seen within 21 days of use. Some skin concerns will require other medical, dermatological or aesthetic treatments, so please message us for your specific concerns.

Stop completely. This is why we recommend a preliminary skin test for 30 minutes prior to use. Our products are potent botanicals with zero chemicals, but some may still be sensitive to the botanicals. This is in no way indicative of an inferior or expired product. Should you get a reaction, please wash with soap, drink a glass of water, pee and if you wish to take an antihistamine to relieve redness or itchiness, you may go ahead and do so. Consult a doctor if necessary.

Our products are all for external use only. Do not use on open wounds, rashes or inflamed skin.

Our products are in general made with food grade ingredients though, so adverse reactions are not common, nor anticipated.

The best time to use a face oil is after a bath, a sauna, a spa, a face steam when the pores are open and the skin is moist. This allows nutrients to infuse through the top layers of our skin and lock the moisture in.

Do know that oils do not bring water with it and so do not "moisturize" like lotions do. So hydrating the skin first then locking it in is best.

The small extra step of hydrating saves your skin from preservatives that are needed in a water-lotion-oil based emulsion :)

Yes, the hair oil is best used this way. You may wet scalp for moisture (optional, but encouraged) for dryer scalp. Our hair and scalp oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation contributes to falling hair, unhealthy scalp, weak roots. We will pamper your scalp, keep it balanced, happy and healthy.

It doesn’t bring moisture in. It is best used after washing face, but has such excellent healing, soothing and protective properties. It is the perfect balm to protect the sensitive eye area for cold weather or very dry air conditioned rooms. It also helps encourage lash and eyebrow growth.

Just do not eat it like ice cream or peanut butter, but it is safe to lick ; )

It is a great hand & body balm, but it was primarily formulated as a warming lubricant for our intimate parts during sexual intimacy. It also helps during tampon or suppository application.