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Joplin Cycling Shorts

  • $81.00

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The little sister version of the long lace-up leggings.

We painstakingly worked on these to make it perfect for

workouts, lounging about or rockin it out.

Soooo comfy. Back zipper closure.

Organic cotton jersey

Sizes: S1, S2, S3, S4




Waist: 23 in

Hip: 31 in

Length: 19.75 in

Leg Opening: 13.5 in

Front Crotch: 10.5 in



Waist: 23.5 in

Hip: 32 in

Length: 20.25 in

Leg Opening: 14 in

Front Crotch: 10.75 in



Waist: 24.5 in

Hip: 33 in

Length: 20.75 in

Leg Opening: 14 in

Front Crotch: 11 in



Waist: 27 in

Hip: 34 in

Length: 21 in

Leg Opening: 14.5 in

Front Crotch: 11.5 in

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